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Reliable job portal for contractors. search, apply, manage jobs


Aftermath wanted to build the reliable job portal for contractors where they will be able to search for jobs, apply for them and connect with the admin and other contractors on the jobs through chat. They should be able to get payments through the application when the job is done. Before they engaged with Omni-bridge, Aftermath team was struggling to implement a digital solution like:

  • Building reliable job portal for contractors

  • Easily making the progress visible to other parties

  • Native mobile & supporting web app with great user interface

  • Continuous engagement with contractors

  • Provide a cohesive experience across all jobs management

  • Poor job & material management

  • Easy job approval & payment cycles



  • To address above challenges, Aftermath team approach us to build brand new mobile app created from the bottom up, with enhanced functionality and better user experience. However, with no internal product or design teams, Aftermath’s success depended on Omni-bridge’s ability to meet the following requisites:

    • Designing project’s user interface with world class UI/UX expertise

    • Ability to coordinate project dynamics, project assets, continuous brainstorming to optimise solutions, and be subject matter experts when working with third-parties including: Contract management, SMS gateways, Payment gateways, cloud solutions, Apple store, google play store optimisations, etc.

    • Expertise in developing smart mobile app with digital interfaces

    • A proven track record of meeting aggressive time-to-market constraints & quick production releases cycles to address user specific issues

    • Ability to support a seamless job contracting experience across multiple devices

    • A structured system in place with proven ability to deliver speed, security, scalability, and performance in the job contracting space


  • Utilise our “Design Thinking” approach to create a personalised user experience and Improve content discovery

  • Follow our agile app development framework to meet Aftermath’s aggressive timelines

  • Leverage best cloud hosting service integration expertise

  • Strengthen platform security with our expert solutions

  • These were our services offered:

    • Product Discovery

    • Design Thinking

    • UX/UI Design

    • iOS Development

    • Android Development

    • PWA Development


The Results

With our industry expertise, world-class team, and refined agile development and design thinking processes, we were able to go above and beyond Aftermath’s expectations.

Key features of the app include:

  • Authorised contractors/dealers on single platform

  • Easy & quick legal digital contracting

  • Ability to post & manage jobs by admin/super admin

  • Contractors are able to bid & win the contracts

  • Easy job tracking with completion statuses

  • Quicker feedback & approval cycles

  • Easy communication & collaboration with in-built chat tool

  • Hassle-free part or full payments

  • Locate jobs easily with varies search, sort & filters options

  • Quick navigation to applied, ongoing & past jobs

  • Tailored app content to users based on geo locations and service types

  • Reliable & secure transactions

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