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Modern way of managing, storing and distributing inventory using quality infra and high tech systems


Emiza, Established in 2015, specialises in warehousing and order fulfilment for over 100+ Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) brands. It has 11 Warehouses across the country. The project initiated after brief conversations with Ajay Rao (Founder) & Shrikant Jannu (CTO). Conversations quickly got deep. We learned a lot about the Indian Supply Chain Market Challenges, Last-mile deliveries, Warehousing, etc. Before they engaged with Omni-bridge, their team was struggling with below problem statements:

  • Unable to scale up due to manual operations

  • Existing US-Based software features were not enough

  • Human dependencies led to tons of errors

  • Poor visibility to Customer Support Team

  • Revenue loss due to malpractices

  • Poor acceptance for software solutions



  • To address above challenges, Emiza team approach us to build brand new mobile app created from the bottom up, with enhanced functionality and better user experience. However, with no internal product or design teams, Emiza’s success depended on Omni-bridge’s ability to meet the following requisites:

    • Designing project’s user interface with world class UI/UX expertise

    • Ability to understand & contribute to streamline internal operation

    • Minimising the fears of GSPs and Operations Staff

    • Reducing calls across all warehouses in India

    • GSP App with a minimum training period (as GSPs keep changing)

    • Preventing Malpractices by GSPs and Operations Staff

    • Assisting Operations Staff with Route Planning

    • Actionable insights for Regional Manager

    • Billing team dashboard for payments in the pipeline & overdue (newly added in scope)

    • Simplified tracking for Customer Support and Customers


  • Utilise our “Design Thinking” approach to create a personalised user experience and Improve content discovery

  • These were our services offered:

    • Product Discovery

    • Design Thinking

    • UX/UI Design

    • Research & Conceptualise

    • Wire-framing

    • Prototyping

    • Usability Testing


The Results

With our industry expertise, world-class team, and design thinking processes, we were able to solve teething business problems:

  • Digitising all workflows instantly improved the Efficiency

  • Customer Support calls reduced by ~70%

  • Automation and Smart suggestions reduced operations cost due to maximum resource utilisation

  • An unknown amount of revenue saved from malpractices

  • Transparency minimised the risk of losses for the customers

  • It gave a competitive edge to Emiza. Emiza became Airtel's fulfilment partner for India and distributed the Apple Bestseller ‘iPhone X’

Client's Feedback:

“Omni-Bridge team spent sufficient time understanding all the Workflow, Pain Points, Uncertainties of the unorganised Supply Chain Industry. They shared valuable insights after a week of User Research.

He seamlessly connected all touch points across Cloud App, Mobile App, and Shipment tracking websites. His carefully crafted solution was Tailor-made for our Business and fulfilled our Business Objectives. I recommend him for any UX design work and look forward to working with him in the future.”

— Ajay Rao, CEO, Emiza

High Fidelity Wireframes


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