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Organising world's Talent by enabling experts to meet Talent virtually and deliver quality assessments


Monjin Interviews Private Limited provides video interview services. The Company offers a web based online platform for job seekers to showcase their skills through an online discussion with neutral experts. Monjin Interviews serves its clients globally. Before they engaged with Omni-bridge, Monjin team was struggling with:

  • Building reliable job platform for job seekers

  • Easily making the progress visible to other parties

  • Native mobile & supporting web app with great user interface

  • Continuous engagement with job seekers & interviewers

  • Provide a cohesive experience across all jobs management

  • Poor job & material management

  • Easy job approval & payment cycles



To address above challenges, Monjin team approach us to revise their existing mobile app with enhanced functionality and better user experience. Monjin team's success depended on Omni-bridge’s ability to meet the following requisit:

  • Ability to coordinate project dynamics, project assets, continuous brainstorming to optimise solutions, and be subject matter experts when working with third-parties including: SMS gateways, Payment gateways, cloud solutions, Apple store, google play store optimisations, etc.

  • Expertise in developing smart mobile app with digital interfaces

  • A proven track record of meeting aggressive time-to-market constraints & quick production releases cycles to address user specific issues

  • Ability to support a seamless user experience across multiple devices

  • A structured system in place with proven ability to deliver speed, security, scalability, and performance in the job contracting space


  • Utilise our “Design Thinking” approach to create a personalised user experience and Improve content discovery

  • Follow our agile app development framework to meet Monjin team's aggressive timelines

  • Strengthen platform security with our expert solutions

  • These were our services offered:

    • Product Discovery

    • Design Thinking

    • UX/UI Design

    • iOS Development

    • Android Development


The Results

With our industry expertise, world-class team, and refined agile development and design thinking processes, we were able to deliver Monjin team's expectations.

Key features of the app include:

  • Record an asynchronous interview against a questionnaire submitted by interested employers

  • Submit the interview

  • Candidate registration and dashboard for managing profile

  • View all your invites in one place

  • View your upcoming interviews

  • Apply for the job opportunities best suited for your profile

  • Key in the code received in your email or on the Monjin web application

  • Start recording your video and answer the questions displayed on the screen

  • Create your profile on Monjin platform

  • Use your existing Google/LinkedIn/Facebook account

  • Provide your preferred location to find suitable jobs

  • Explore rich features available on the dashboard and customize accordingly

What we can do for you?

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