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Pocket Trade

Trading mobile app platform with the most popular financial market


Pocket Trade wanted to build reliable trading platform with the most popular financial market assets: currencies EUR/USD, GBP/USD and many others, as well as other assets.

Before they engaged with Omni-Bridge, Pocket Trade was struggling to implement a digital solution like:

  • Building reliable trading platform for major currencies with 24x7 availability

  • Increase engagement with traders/bidders and exceed adoption and engagement goals

  • Provide a cohesive experience across all assets

  • Increase their digital footprint

  • Improve prospects for monetisation

  • Overcome operational inefficiencies

  • Reinforce brand

  • Reaching customer on the go

  • Increase the customer convenience



To address above challenges, Pocket Trade approach us to meet below opportunities:

  • Designing project’s user interface with world class UI/UX expertise

  • Understand & implement government guidelines regarding trading platforms

  • Competitive analysis of other trading platforms

    Brainstorm critical aspect of user experience with industry thought leaders

  • Understand the importance of multiple devices & leverage development on necessary digital interfaces or devices

  • Know the fast-changing market dynamics with varies advance analytics tools & adopt as per the need with handy agile development practices

  • A structured system in place with proven ability to deliver speed, security, scalability, and performance


  • Comprehensive research with our “Discovery phase” team to analyse competitors & figure-out correct “value proposition”

  • Utilise our “Design Thinking” approach to create a personalised user experience and Improve content discovery

  • Follow our agile app development framework to reduce time to market

  • Leverage best cloud hosting service integration expertise to enhance user experience

  • Strengthen platform security with our expert solutions

  • Quick UAT, App Launch & user experience support cycles after launch


The Results

With our industry expertise, world-class team, and refined agile development and design thinking processes, we were able to craft Pocket Trade’s exact expectations.

Key features of the app include:

  • Ability to trade seamlessly with multiple assets & multiple time slots

  • Get continuous trading news alerts

  • Instant trading results

  • World class user experience of live tracking of trading assets

  • Quick navigation news, trading page or trading history page

  • Tailored app content to users based on preference (assets, time intervals) and app usage

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