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Makes recreational boating easy by helping customers plan trips, connect with friends, share expenses, and rate experiences!


Salt buddy wanted to build mobile application for boat trips where - 

  • Peoples can connect with friends 

  • Manage all boat trip logistics - including expense sharing 

  • Share experiences through videos, pictures, and comments 

  • Can grow personal network of boating buddies 

Before they engaged with Omni-Bridge, Salt buddy struggled to implement

a digital solution like:

  • Continuous engagement with users

  • Provide a cohesive experience across all boating trips

  • Poor user experience during trips

  • Difficulty growing its audience

  • Meeting business objectives 



To address above challenges, Salt buddy team approach us to build brand new mobile app created from the bottom up, with enhanced functionality and better user experience. However, with no internal product or design teams, Salt buddy's success depended on Omni-bridge’s ability to meet the following requisites:

  • Designing project’s user interface with world class UI/UX expertise

  • Ability to coordinate project dynamics, project assets, continuous brainstorming to optimise solutions, and be subject matter experts when working with third-parties including: SMS gateways, Payment gateways, cloud solutions, Apple store, google play store optimisations, etc.

  • Expertise in developing smart mobile app with digital interfaces

  • A proven track record of meeting aggressive time-to-market constraints & quick production releases cycles to address user specific issues

  • Ability to support a seamless trip experience across multiple devices

  • A structured system in place with proven ability to deliver speed, security, scalability, and performance in the job contracting space


  • Utilise our “Design Thinking” approach to create a personalised user experience and Improve content discovery

  • Follow our agile app development framework to meet Salt buddy's aggressive timelines

  • Leverage best cloud hosting service integration expertise

  • Strengthen platform security with our expert solutions

  • These were our services offered:

    • Product Discovery

    • Design Thinking

    • UX/UI Design

    • iOS Development

    • Android Development


The Results

With our industry expertise, world-class team, and refined agile development and design thinking processes, we were able to go above and beyond Salt buddy's expectations.

Key features of the app include:

  • Peoples are able to connect with friends easily. 

  • Manage all boat trip logistics - including expense sharing 

  • Share experiences through videos, pictures, and comments

  • Can grow personal network of boating buddies. 

  • Easy communication & collaboration with in-built chat tool

  • Hassle-free part or full payments

  • Locate trips easily with varies search, sort & filters

  • Reliable & secure transactions

  • Push notification to connect with users frequently

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