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Onboarding Support Service

Transform the way we onboard the product users.

What is an onboarding support service?

Onboarding support service is the process that enables new product users to get started with the using your product instantly. 

What are the services offered in this?

  • Customer Welcome Center :

Through our welcome center we ensure a very positive first impression of your company & the brand. Our automated systems for ticket creation & call routing make the overall process seamless & hassle-free. 


The welcome centre gives the customers a glimpse into the high level of professionalism & customer-focused culture they can experience while interacting with our esteemed brand.  


  • Multi-language Support :

Our multi-language support capabilities help you to drive the ‘Operate Globally - Talk Locally’ phenomena. 


Your global engagements can be covered through our local operations. 


  • Support Setup Consulting :

Our domain experts in enterprise product support can become your trusted advisors to help you build a world class enterprise product support setup.

Starting from building process flows, identifying tools, setting up the environment, and training teams to support kickoffs, we can be your partners in the process.      

  • Customer Database Management :

Our onboarding team can help you track new customer onboarding, customer growth, customer churn & share insights for added business value. 

User Experience

We amalgamate art & science (backed by user research) to validate your product against target users.

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