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Reactive Support Service

Transform the way we onboard the product users.

What is an reactive support service?

Reactive support is a process in which our reactive customer service engineer instantly steps in once a problem has occurred.

What are the services offered in this?

  • Service Entitlement Verification :

Through entitlement verification services your customers are assured of getting access to the right resources in a timely manner. These services also help drive renewals & increase support revenue. 

  • Multi-tier (L1/L2/L3) Tech Support :

From the front line to advanced/backline support we ensure your customer needs are addressed as per the technical complexity and business impact. All the teams collaborate to ensure a seamless experience for customers while focusing on their core specialities.

  • Escalation/Grievance Management :

Our methodical customer escalation management process and the structured escalation matrix ensure your customers voice is heard and the grievances are resolved in a timely manner.

We mobilize the right resources, drive a sense of urgency & ensure proper stakeholder communication while resolving customer complaints to their satisfaction. 

  • Field Engineering :

Our field engineers can work with your customers on a variety of issues relating to configuration, performance & stability in a reactive or proactive manner.


This team can also ensure the transfer of hands-on knowledge and share recommendations for better ROI.

User Experience

We amalgamate art & science (backed by user research) to validate your product against target users.

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