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Proactive Support Service

Transform the way we onboard the product users.

What is a proactive support service?

Onboarding support service is the process that involves making the first move to help your customers before they feel they need to reach out to you for help.

What are the services offered in this?

  • Software Upgrades :

We can help your customers with upgradings to the latest versions or applying new patches.

  • Product Implementation & Integration :

We can help your clients with the complete rollout/successful implementation of your product along with any required integration with other systems.

  • Designated Engineers :

We provide designated engineers to take care of premium customers, these experts take care of your customer environment and related issues in a dedicated manner.

  • Technical Account Management :

Our technical account managers help your customers to get maximum returns on their investments in the products. As a trusted advisor, the technical account managers als ensure the optimum usage of your product suits & product features in the customer environment.

User Experience

We amalgamate art & science (backed by user research) to validate your product against target users.

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