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Let's articulate product idea faster. Rapidly transform a conceptual idea into a market-ready product.

What is the Discovery phase?

Our aim for a discovery phase is to bring clarity in the requirements and our unique technique of “WHY Conversation” helps us.

Why do you need it anyway?

Are you creating an app just because of your competitor? OR Do you foresee there is a market need? No matter what your reason is - we can help you to create a vision around your idea and bring it to reality through our specialised Discovery phase.

How we do it?

  • We speak with the key stakeholders and decision-makers to better understand the business, product idea, target market & expectations.

  • Create business & design canvas and user personas.

  • Conduct user interviews & brainstorm findings with the stakeholders.

  • Draft user stories to ensure requirements are articulated precisely.

  • Create user acceptable designs.

What benefits do you get?

  • Early product validation & gap-analysis.

  • Better user acceptance of the product.

  • Well-documented requirements in the form of user stories & epics.

  • MVP-based releases ensure you can validate output with real users,

  • The gain expected ROI.

User Experience

We amalgamate art & science (backed by user research) to validate your product against target users.

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