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Android Developer


You must be good at:

  1. Java basics and OOPS concept with Kotlin,

  2. Data structure understanding,

  3. Android basics, components and lifecycle, build process, ADB and other platform-tools,

  4. Gradle in Android, product flavours, configurations of android app in Gradle,

  5. Layouts, alternative resources, localisation, include and merge,

  6. Material design understanding,

  7. Dependency injection,

  8. Understanding Android OS features(including latest once),

  9. REST, HTTP methods headers of request and response, volley, retrofit, HTTP URLConnection,

  10. SQLite understanding and

  11. Third-party libraries for database handling

Extra awesome:

  1. Version control tools (Git, Bitbucket, Gerrit etc).

  2. Architectural patterns, design patterns.

  3. Testing tools (Junit, Espresso etc)

  4. Android Application Security.

  5. Excellent verbal and written communication, problem-solving and analytical skill

  6. Excellent client handling skills.

About the Company

OmniBridge is a pioneer in mobile application development with a unique blend of an Agile-centric development and User-centered design approach.

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