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Dot Net Developer


You must be good at:

  1. Having Hands on experience in the following skill set.

    1. DotNet MVC/ DotNet Core

    2. Good knowledge of Sql Server

    3. DotNet MVC/ DotNet Core

    4. Good knowledge of Sql Server

    5. Entity Framework & ADO.NET

    6. Experience in writing RESTFul / SOAP api services

    7. Security measures implementation

    8. Angular 7/8 or HTML5, CSS

    9. Bootstrap, jQuery

  2. Awareness of design patterns and SOLID principles.

  3. Good knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts.

  4. Having experience in customising and integrating 3rd party jQuery libraries.

  5. One who has open source contributions and blogs that establish a track record of delivering complex solutions using great code.

  6. A great communicator of ideas & solutions and a lateral thinker when faced with complex performance or production issues.

  7. Knowledge of MTQT or Socket protocol implementation.


Extra Awesome:

  1. Familiarity with the client side framework { jQuery | Angular | React }

  2. Good understanding of Dotnet Framework and Dotnet standards

  3. Excellent verbal and written communication, problem solving and analytical skill

  4. Excellent client handling skills.

About the Company

Omni-Bridge Solutions is a pioneer in mobile application development with a unique blend of an Agile-centric development and user-centered design approach.

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