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A exam preparation app that helps students to find & purchase best competitive books available in the market by replacing traditional preparation methods.​​​​​​​



  • Pedagogy wanted to build a mobile & web application to deliver competitive exam content to students at an affordable price. Before they engaged with Omni-Bridge, they struggled to implement a digital solution like:

  • Unable to convey product’s value proposition

  • Poor sales conversion

  • Poor usability of the application

  • Expects proactive response from students

  • No application-level hooks/stickiness


  • After conducting comprehensive user research, we came up with completely tailor-made UX strategy for Pedagogy product, we named it “Triple-Es”, Enable, Engagement and Enhancement

  • Persuasion and trust principles encouraged user registration

  • Rich UX effectively communicated value proposition. 

  • Derived holistic product’s UX strategy for multi-channel positioning.


  • Together with Pedagogy, we rebuilt a mobile & web solution that revolutionized how aspiring students looked at exam preparation. 

  • Instantly communicate product’s value proposition on the website & mobile

  • 6-8% gain in sales conversion

  • 3x improved conversion from Trial-to-Paid subscription

  • 15% improvement in student engagement due to relevant application level hooks/stickiness

  • Proactive support response built better brand recognition & recollection 

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