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User Experience

Don't make your user think. Good user experience always has a proper balance between Users, Business & Solution

What is your UX process?


What is the difference between UI & UX?

In layman’s language:

Visualize on a fine weekend, you are on a mountain trek. The map which guides you to the peak of the mountain is the UX and the landscape you see around is UI. If you find the scenery around doesn’t reflect the map you are following, you know that your UI needs adjustment.

So UI is all about visual elements and UX is all about the experience you get by a visual journey.

A good UX can turn just another customer to a loyal customer.

How long does a UX process take?

  • A typically UX project may take 8-12 weeks of time but there are a lot of factors that influence the timelines like complexity of the project, how easy or difficult it is to recruit the users, what type of research technique is more suitable, where do research takes place, based on budget availability - how many users can be evaluated etc.

  • Nevertheless, taking a systematic approach initially enhances the chances of products acceptance and success.

How will you recruit users?

  • Post “Discovery” phase, we get a clear understanding of target users of the product.

  • We use this insight and create a user persona. This becomes an important document to our recruitment partners, who through there vast networks and researchers on the ground, will find out relevant matching users for our interviews.

What is a user centered design?

  • User-centred design is a process which focuses on what users need at the very beginning of the product and continues throughout the development until launch. A key difference in this approach (compared to traditional development first-approach) is user needs are evaluated by conducting systematic user research and balancing this with the technical and business requirements. It encourages iterative-validation-evidence based product development approach.


Our crafty designers ensure the product is visually & usability-wise appealing to the end-users.

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