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Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts provide unique, vital company data & defines relationships with partners.

Key highlights:

  1. Over 8 years, we have successfully owned the mobile practice for our clients.

  2. Ongoing improvements to the UI/UX depending on user interaction.

  3. Native mobile development (Android & iOS).

  4. 24/7 product support.

  5. Automated testing process.



  • App designs that follow the user-centric design paradigm.

  • Highly secure mobile app was required.

  • Lacked smooth interaction with the SaaS-based CLM platform.


  • Implemented user-centered design approach.

  • Built strong encryption, authentication, and data security layers.

  • Created a scalable and interoperable app.


  • 80% increase in user satisfaction and adoption.

  • Robust edge over competitors.

  • Increased effectiveness of the product.


The Six stage CLM capability model

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