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Integrated Data Entry Staff Management Portal



  • Only programmers can set up new projects/fields. Long set up time.

  • The back end programming has never been audited, system is slow

  • New remote working tool has never been optimized for speed

  • Missing integrations and the ability to easily enhance system capabilities


  • Ability to run project estimations & integrate with operator accuracy reporting

  • Integration with the TechSpeed Portal (record timing, Operator Accuracy ,etc)

  • Ability to input data into table form (like for financial transcription)

  • Ability to make totals/summations to validate entered data

  • Ability to export reports in more than just CSV format, I.E Jason, excel or PDF.


  • 25% reduction in timesheet logging times was observed, indicating improved efficiency.

  • Accuracy in project estimates increased by 15%, leading to more realistic and achievable project plans. 

  • User feedback indicated a 30% improvement in remote work efficiency, with operators expressing satisfaction with the optimized remote working tools. 

  • Data entry accuracy improved by 20% with the introduction of table form data input, especially in financial transcription scenarios. 

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